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44% of people now work from home at least 1 day a week – ComReg survey

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A new consumer survey shows that 44% of respondents now work from home online at least one day a week.

The Commission for Communications Regulation’s latest Broadband Connectivity consumer survey also shows that a third of respondents work from home online at least three days a week.

ComReg noted that working from home online is most common among people in densely populated areas and with access to higher broadband speeds.

Today’s survey also reveals that broadband is seen as an essential service by 78% of respondents.

85% of households have a fixed line broadband connection at home while households in rural areas or with older residents are slightly less likely than average to have a connection.

The survey also shows that households with a fixed broadband service have an average of 4.2 devices connected to the internet via their home broadband connection.

Younger and urban households tended to have more devices, it added.

Most respondents are satisfied with their broadband service, but households in less densely populated areas are less likely to be satisfied.

Meanwhile, 15% of respondents do not have a fixed broadband connection at all. ComReg said that most of these people are not interested in fixed broadband, do not need it at home or use a smartphone instead.

ComReg Commissioner Garrett Blaney said that with almost half of adults working online at least a day a week, it is clear that broadband services are essential to economic and social life.

“Services provided over broadband are having a transformative effect on education, entertainment, retailing and so many other areas,” he added.

Article Source: 44% of people now work from home at least 1 day a week – ComReg survey – RTE

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