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Falling foul of price hikes – turkeys set to cost more this Christmas

By November 15, 2022No Comments

Consumers are being advised that they will have to pay more for a turkey this year for Christmas.

Farmer and journalist Hannah Quinn-Mulligan said an average 13lb (6kg) turkey is likely to cost close to €60 compared to around €52 last year.

Speaking on RTÉ’s This Week, she said the price jump is due to an increase in turkey feed prices, partly because of the war in Ukraine and the rise in electricity prices.

“Your average price of turkey feed this time last year would have cost €9.60. That has gone up to at least €14 per bag.”

She explained that in Ireland and the UK poultry farmers did not order as many young turkeys this year “because people knew the prices were going to be higher to raise them”.

“So, that is part of the issue in terms of supply and demand.”

She said the threat of bird flu is also a concern with poultry farmers “very scared” over this issue.

“If there is an outbreak of bird flu in any of their flocks, it would be devastating. That could add a huge dilemma to the supply of turkeys.”

Ms Quinn-Mulligan said people may be considering getting a ham instead of a turkey but she pointed out that the same price increase of feed will apply to food for pigs.

“So, the price of your Christmas ham is likely to be a bit more expensive as well”, she said.

Article Source: Falling foul of price hikes – turkeys set to cost more this Christmas – RTE

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